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Camp America - Intuition & Dreams


Debut album from long term Athlete friend and collaborator Steven Cowley (aka Camp America), featuring vocals and several songs co-written by Joel Pott.

After playing in several bands, he purchased his first laptop and started making remixes and original material. Throwing whatever he could find into the mix – old keyboards, borrowed guitars, vinyl found lying in the street – Camp America came to life as a one-man project.

Remixes were commissioned by Bloc Party, Athlete and others, and the Camp America EP was released in 2008, including one song written with (and sung by) Athlete's Joel Pott. This collaboration led to more writing together, and it soon became clear that there was potential for a full-length album.

The result is the new album "Intuition & Dreams". Bloc Party's Russell Lissack contributed his guitar skills, and singers/MCs as diverse as JT Daly (Paper Route), Savvy and Chloe Leavers also got involved. With influences ranging from pop artists (Pet Shop Boys, the Cardigans) to producers (DJ Shadow, Son Lux), the whole record is held together by an appreciation for strong melodies and production that draws from the past but looks to the future.

"Intuition & Dreams" is also available from as a download and as a limited CD release with a LEGO case.

1. You Can Always Dream (featuring Chloe Leavers)
2. Automan (featuring Juva)
3. Any Kind Of Pulse (featuring Joel Pott)
4. BMX Dream (featuring Michael Bear & Russell Lissack)
5. Powerskills (featuring Savvy, Joel Pott & Russell Lissack)
6. Space Race
7. The Camera Never Lies (featuring Michael Bear)
8. Zap Zap (featuring Chloe Leavers)
9. Leader Of The Pack (featuring JT Daly)
10. Travel Electro
11. Down By The Lake (featuring Juva)
12. Never Wake Up

BOXES - Stickers

The stunning debut album from Athlete's bass player, Carey Willetts.  Includes the singles Throw Your Stones, Silent Alarm and Red Skies.

“Delicate and emotionally evoking, its beauty is something that will either make you feel happy or verging on gloomy. But it’s beautiful, nevertheless.” Planet Notion

“Boxes' emotionally enriching voice manages not to upstage the instrumental. In the same way that Justin Vernon of Bon Iver made people fall for him with his stunning falsetto, the emotionally raw and softly growling vocals here conjure up the same effect.” This Is Fake DIY

From the electro-pop that became synonymous with Boxes’ releases to date, Stickers the album showcases an expanding repertoire both in terms of sound and experimentation.  Album opener: instrumental intro track One is coated with post-rock guitars and glitchy electronics.  The LP moves from the anthemic choruses of tracks like single Red Skies to the dark, atmospheric piano-led Sharks.  Stickers is saturated both musically and thematically with extremes, a testament to the highs and lows of life.

Throw Your Stones
Red Skies
Between Whisky and Snow
Silent Alarm
Wake Up, Wake Up
Don't Look Down
I Can't Imagine

Weevil - "Unreleased" (Jonny from Athlete)

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10 tracks of haunting indie electronica - Radiohead meets The Postal Service 


Slow Movement
January Snow
Things We Don't Need To Know
Words Become Grey
Time Stealing
City Lights Blur
We See The Same Things
Start Breathing

Days That Follow - "Small boat on a dirty sea" (Jonny from Athlete)

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Beautiful album featuring Marie who sings on Flying over bus stops - Sigur Ros meets Cat Power 

Bad Blood
This Dirty Heart
A Small Good Thing
When Snow Meets Sea
Stars Hide In The City
Emily On The Death OF Her Father
Your Coming Here Has Brightened My Eyes
No Stars In My Crown
Seep Through

Camp America EP

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The Camp America EP is a limited edition 5-track CD of electropop/indie, featuring Joel Pott from Athlete singing on one track. Influences include Postal Service, DJ Shadow, Daft Punk and Grandaddy.
Any Kind Of Pulse
The Kids Love Camp America
Panic: We Are Hanging Here
Take It Away
The Window Down

Gallop E.P. by Jon Bilbrough

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Son of a travelling musician, Jon Bilbrough grew up crawling around studio leads with a backdrop of guitars, African drums, Doumbeks & thumb pianos. He would later be no stranger to the stage, following his dad on tour to perform some of his earliest gigs in halls usually graced by Ravi-Shankar in India and in other parts of Asia. The experience had a great impact on Jon’s music. Rather than travelling a well worn musical path Jon’s head was bursting with Bhangra rhythms, Sufi-style singing and Bollywood riffs and he began to translate this through voice and guitar. Through the links established on his travels Jon recorded his debut EP between East London with producer Paul Wilkinson (Duke Special) and Chennai, India, where Jon travelled to record carnatic musicians usually acquainted with composer A.R. Rahman. The outcome is something wholly enchanting, 5 tracks of weathered gritty guitar and startling exotic arrangements, all driven by Jon’s powerful and emotive voice.
Jon also follows in the grand tradition of art-student-musician and graduated with a 1st at the University of arts London. You can see and hear his art and music at

1. Who Wants It All
2. Gallop
3. In Gold
4. Rosalyn
5. Closer